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Thanksgiving Lip Balms 2014 – Gift Away Silky Lips

Why do people gift? Or What is the basic idea of gifting? A gift lends happiness and is perfect for fostering relationships.  Thanksgiving is the time of the year, where bond with their loved ones over a traditional dinner and parties. Many gifts are exchanged during the season. Cosmetics, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry rank high […]

Why Should You Opt for Printed Lipbalms for Value Building?

Women and girls have always loved lip balms because they help them to conceal their lip imperfections and strike happy pouts. As a marketer, you can easily take advantage by seeking printed lip balms for value buildings. No doubt, it makes an awesome promotional giveaway as well as it makes a great gifting choice during […]

Why Should Online Marketers Invest in Custom Lip Balms?

Most businesses are striving hard to sculpt their brand image and retain it too. Generally, with online marketers you will find them indulged with search results and working hard to bring customers to their website. This type of marketing gimmick works, when it is about generating sales for a single time, but this charm may […]

Why Cheaper Lip Balms May be Good For Your Business?

The term “cheaper lip balm” may invoke curiosity in minds of marketers who are seriously considering it for brand building. Some may relate it with low quality or lesser quantity, but it does not need to be either of this. When considering it positively, this may mean that lip balms are offered in cost effective […]

Which is the Best Lip balm Care for Lips and Your Business?

Your lip is the most sensitive and charming part of the body. It always remains wet due to saliva, water, food, etc and gets dry due to weather or body heat or due to breathing. This means lips are constantly getting affected with wetting and drying cycles. In addition, your lips do not feature any […]

What Do You Need to Check Before Buying Promotional Lipbalms?

If you believe that gifting away carefree smiles is the best way of addressing a customer, you are right. People spend thousands for perfecting their smiles. You can help them in your way by handing value effective lip balms. If you have already made up your mind about investing in promotional lip balms, here are […]

What do Users expect from a Custom Lipbalm?

They peel. They crack. They flake and make me look weird – are some concerns raised by women all over world, who believe that smiling lips are their best accessory. Genes and weather are the two factors, which largely define your lip texture. You cannot do much about the genes, but you can definitely do […]

Spring Lipbalm Flavors 2014

Spring is a season of vibrant colors and smells. You cannot ignore those trees in full bloom and flowers and their scents. It is also the season, when people love to smile and pose for pictures in the beautiful and colorful surroundings. You can make it more impressive and richer by gifting away popular spring […]

Prepping Your Summer Promotions and Lips with Custom Summer Lip Balms 2014

Make sure your lips are prepared bear soaring temperatures and heat in stride and they make a smooth transition from winters to summers. You can ensure your campaign also undergoes that smooth transition with any of these summer lip balms – Organic/ Beeswax Lip Balm – Beeswax is a natural healer and when rubbed on […]

Best Selling Custom Lipbalms under $1

Do you believe in term it is always best to “gift away smiles” than other promotional products?! If yes, then you are going the right direction because there are very few marketers out there who may opt for this choice and but those who have already embarked on it have found success. People always treasure […]

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