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This website is owned by Lipbalm USA. This agreement highlights the customer rights for using this website for the purpose of buying, selling, bidding, joining, information seeking, and all other activities, which are appropriate to the nature of our business. Any order placed on this website will be perceived as your approval to adhere terms and conditions mentioned here.

Terms of use & prohibitions

This website allows you to buy, shop, and communicate with us regarding any business information. Following are certain terms of use and prohibitions, which you need to keep in mind while operating the website -

  • Age – In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) , we discourage children below 13 to use this website for any purchase. Children 13-17 can always visit this website under supervision and need to produce written consent form their parents or guardians for operating this website. Any information, message, enquiry, communication may be deleted if on close scrutiny we find that the user is below the specified age limit.
  • Content – We strongly discourage users and customers from posting abusive and inappropriate content, which hurts other viewers. We strongly prohibit users or viewers from posting pornography, inaccurate and false news, libelous and defamatory messages, hatred messages, and abuse directed an individual or community, etc. We only encourage true and valid contents on the website, which means that visitors who wish to purchase from us should submit their original name and other credentials. We expect our regular customers and other users to manage and maintain their accounts by securing their password in a responsible manner. We also despise the acts of users who indulge in tarnishing the reputation of website is incorporating viruses and worms into it by different means.
  • Information Misappropriation - We request all users and web visitors to stop indulging in activities involving others information. All the information presented on this website is sole property of Lipbalm USA, Inc., and we strongly prohibit anyone from misusing these contents for their personal or business benefits. Any illegal activity such as hacking the website and altering contents of the website are strongly prohibited.
Payments and invoice processing

Lipbalm USA has regulated terms of payment and invoice processing, which is applicable during any large and small scale purchases conducted through this website. Lipbalm USA holds sole discretion of payment and it expected that customers should first make a payment prior to buying. All big and small payments made during purchase should be either done through paypal, credit card, or checks. We encourage timely payments and request customers to make payments on the date mentioned on the invoice.

Lipbalm USA reserves rights to deny or cancel any order depending on the availability of ordered material.

Cancellation and return policy

Lipbalm USA reserves right to cancel an order with a valid explanation owing to some unavoidable circumstances such as delay in shipment ( due to socio, economical, cultural or natural conditions & unavailability of stock)etc. The company management will work towards easing the hassles associated with refunds and following procedures.

Customers are encouraged to -

  • Inform us about any cancellation (due to the change of preferences) before we proceed with production and we shall arrange for refund after receiving this request.
  • Inform us about the delay of product. Our customer service works on 24/7 and they will work towards easing the issue.
  • Inform us about the wrong product or misled information on the product. The request will be considered only when the product is shipped in its original packing along with all supporting documents.
  • Send us back the product its original packaging if they find any external damage.
  • Approach us in case of allergic reaction to any ingredient or product by writing to us at or calling us at our phone number specified on this website.

A customer who agrees to buy from us should assure our management, employees and other staff that they will potentially bear any losses, damages and costs such as legal fees (arising due to violation of any established trade norms manipulated by the customer or anyone who uses this account on customer’s behalf).

Send us your queries and comment on any point in this privacy policy to

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quotes That soft and supple feeling is simply amazing and I am always yearning for more. Thanks guys for such wonderful product, and I am damn sure that my customers would have loved it too.

- Shanaya Jennings, Arlington, Texas

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Are your products produced in USA?

Yes, all our products are produced in USA.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. We offer free ground shipping on most custom printed lipbalms (Ground 2 to 5 Days).

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