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Thanksgiving Lip Balms 2014 – Gift Away Silky Lips

Why do people gift? Or What is the basic idea of gifting? A gift lends happiness and is perfect for fostering relationships.  Thanksgiving is the time of the year, where bond with their loved ones over a traditional dinner and parties. Many gifts are exchanged during the season. Cosmetics, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry rank high in choice of gifts. Thanksgiving lip balms 2014 make perfect choice of gift for all those who wish to stay on safer side with Thanksgiving gifts. They can easily avail them in various original Thanksgiving flavors.

Pumpkin Pie – Any traditional Thanksgiving feast is incomplete without a pumpkin pie. You can recreate the magic of lip smacking and delicious pumpkin pies by gifting these pumpkin pie flavored lip balms. They truly say ghosts of Halloween keep coming back in one or the other form until the New Year.

Apple Pie – Delicious and sumptuous apple pies are another hot favorite in Thanksgiving dinner. These delicious fruit pies are popular with people of all ages and they love to gobble it all at the once. Winter is also the time, when markets are flooded with rich and juicy apples. Their smells waft through air and invites attention. You can easily settle for flavor of the autumn by gifting an apple pie lip balm. If you cannot find them, still it is perfect to settle for silky variants offered in flavors of green apple, granny smith apples, and luscious rich apple. Don’t you think that is the best way to elicit silky sweet smiles?

Vanilla – No need to say that they are one of the popular flavors ever produced on the earth. They are widely used in various delicious preparations served during the Thanksgiving dinner. Vanilla flavored lip balms are hot sellers throughout the year and people love them during the Thanksgiving. Vanilla mint, vanilla chocolate and vanilla watermelon are some of the combo flavors, which trigger the festive spirit and rubs confidence on the user.  Only sky is the limit, when it comes to select vanilla flavored lip balms!

Chocolate –Chocolate who doesn’t likes them? We’d customized chocolate lipbalms are 0going to be the safest bet, when it comes to selecting occasion-friendly lip balms. People would always leap it at the chocolate flavored lip balms. American women love to prepare chocolate flavored goodies during the holiday season. A rub of chocolate flavored lip balm will refresh senses and trigger creativity. Do not forget to get your names positioned over the custom lip balm prior to gifting.

S’mores – A s’more flavored lip balm may not be an exact Thanksgiving favorite, but they are good enough to trigger an American pride in any person. S’more is a food item typical to American continent and it is hot childhood favorite of many people. A s’more tasting lip balm triggers childhood memories and help people to regale about their childhood tales. Perhaps the perfect item to bring out the child in your family and friends!

Berry Flavored Lipbalms – Berries are synonymous with the first Thanksgiving feast. It is believed different berry based preparations were served during the Thanksgiving feast that Mayflower pilgrims organized for natives. Berry flavored lip balms help to recreate mood for the party. Gift it individually or include them within tote bags handed out during post-Thanksgiving parties.

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