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Spring Lipbalm Flavors 2014

Spring is a season of vibrant colors and smells. You cannot ignore those trees in full bloom and flowers and their scents. It is also the season, when people love to smile and pose for pictures in the beautiful and colorful surroundings. You can make it more impressive and richer by gifting away popular spring lip balms, which will help them to put their best smiling faces. These lip balms are colorful, cosmetically enriched and infuse vibrancy of the season.

Here we are presenting some of the most commonly ordered spring lipbalms for months of March, April and May 2014 and trend is supposed to continue up to July 2014. We have also included experts

Banana Cream Personalized banana cream chapstick is one hot seller in this spring season.

Flavors – Banana + cream. This flavor emanates sweet feeling in mouth and it reminds of a banana cream pie, eternal spring favorite throughout USA. If you are one dessert fan, this lip balm is for you!

Wear – You can slip it over your chapped or dry lips and enjoy that sweet and charming sensation lingering in minds. It can hold up texture for 1-2 hours with ease. You can always go for that extra rub whenever necessary.

Packing – It comes in average lip balm tubes and bear labels, which are matched with flavor and you can get them customized with your company name prior to gifting.

Pros – Typical banana cream flavors, packaging and enriched cosmetic properties – all at affordable pricing!

Cons –

Experts Rating – 4.5/5

Berry SPF 15 Custom berry SPF 15 is a very popular lip balm and it rubs the richness of spring with its berry scent.

Flavors – This lip balm emanates rich berry flavor and takes you on emotional tour through thick wild forests loaded with luscious rich berries.

Wear –Smother your lips with this SPF 15 berry lip balm before stepping out in sun. It offers you SPF protection, cosmetically enhances your lip texture, and temporarily heals over your cracks and chaps.

Packing – This lip balm comes in typical lip balm tube and is offered with matching berry colored label. You can get it branded with your logo, company name and contact details before gifting at the next tradeshow.

Pros – Rich and luscious berry flavors, packaging and cosmetic appeal – all at affordable pricing!

Cons –

Experts Rating – 5/5

Asian Pear Custom Asian pear lip balm is one popular spring flavor lip balm and it is loved by everyone for its all natural composition.

Flavors – This lip balm transports you to oriental isles lined up with trees loaded with fleshy and juicy pears. By rubbing this all-natural Asian pear lip balm, you can literally feel that pleasant flavor embalming your senses and producing sweet flavor in mouth.

Wear –Rub Asian pear lip balm over your lips at least twice or thrice a day. You can even use it as a base for lip makeup.

Packing – This lip balm is offered in regular lip balm tube with matching Asian pear colored label. You can get your logo, and contact details imprinted on it before gifting.

Pros – Tantalizing sweet pear flavor, appealing packaging and natural formulation at best prices ever offered on online store!

Cons –

Experts Rating – 4.2/5

Cherry Vanilla This personalized cherry vanilla flavored lip balm may not be nutritionally enriched, but it is cosmetically enriched to give you crack- free and beautiful lips.

Flavors – Appeals with vibrant flavor of rich, sweet, and luscious cherries and vanilla. Attracts with its sweet and mesmerizing scents.

Wear –Smear cherry vanilla lip balm over your lips for that perfect ever feeling. Wear it beneath your lip make up or before stepping out of home or at least 3-4 times in a day for best results.

Packing – You can buy this organic lip balm in a regular tube, designed with labels matching the flavor and before gifting, get it done with your logo, and contact details.

Pros – Vibrant cherry vanilla flavor, packaging in color resembling the flavor and natural formulation!

Cons –

Experts Rating – 4.8/5

Peppermint Scorching summer is a mile away, still if you urge to have that cool, minty and happy lips always, go and grab this custom peppermint lip balm!

Flavors – Rubs that cool minty feeling, when applied on the lips. Known for its award-winning minty formulation, this lip balm is hot favorite in all seasons except winters. People are crazy about it sporting it during spring due to its rich and cool feeling. You can avail it in natural formulation, SPF 15, SPF 30 depending on the choice.

Wear –Rub peppermint lip balm over lips for better texture and enriched feeling all over. You can wear it before going out in sun or any evening party.

Packing – You can buy this peppermint in different formulations and with apt labeling bearing green color graphics.

Pros – Rich mint flavor, packed in regular tube resembling the flavor and natural formulation!

Cons –

Experts Rating – 5/5 for most choices.

Pomegranate Pamper your thirsty lips with this custom pomegranate lip balm and subdue your senses with that rich feeling.

Flavors – Infusing rich pomegranate flavor, these lip repair formula appeals with its rich fruity formulation, which creates wonder over lips.

Wear –Smear this pomegranates lip balm over lips for better and enriched feeling. Apply it before facing sun or coat it thick over lips before applying your lipstick or other lip makeup.

Packing – You can avail them in different tin sizes and formulations with an apt pomegranate label and color.

Pros – Sweet and highly moisturizing lip balm, which subdues senses with its rich flavor.

Cons –

Experts Rating – 4-4.5 for most formulations depending on their effects on lips.

Tropical Rub that beautiful holiday feeling over your lips and senses with these tropical flavored spring lip balm.

Flavors – Empowered with that sweet sour and tangy tropical flavor, this custom lip balm creates wonder over lips with its formulation. It easily takes you to tour of tropical islands with its enriched flavor and cosmetic appeal. You can feel that citrusy punch overpowering your senses and mind.

Wear –Rub any tropical flavored formulation before leaving home. You can choose natural, SPF 15 and SPF 30 formulation. You can use it as a lip treatment or cosmetics depending on the choice.

Packing – They are offered with apt tropical color label, tin sizes and with different formulation. You can choose them according to your preferences and budget.

Pros – Feel special by rubbing this tropical lip balm over your lips.

Cons –

Experts Rating – 4.8/5

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