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About Us

We make the lips healthy and better every day – all naturally!

Who we are?

Offering over 1000 lip care products, Lipbalm USA is all set to become #1 manufacturer and distributor of lip care products throughout USA.

At Lipbalm USA, we don’t waste our time and efforts in creating something, which may give us lots of profits at the cost of your lips. All lip care products presented here are free from synthetic colors, toxic synthetic compounds, artificial flavors, and preservatives. These lip care products are especially favored for showering favors, creating brand values and to get over cracking winters and scorching summers!

Our research and development panel comprises of group of beauty and health care experts who have spend large amount of time, and years in perfecting the formulations of these lip balm products.

Guiding Principles

At Lipbalm USA, we work through 5 guiding principles-

Why Lipbalm USA?

Here are three reasons why everyone should try lip balms offered as Lipbalm USA

We have always tried to create value products for advertisers who wish to address their customers in a very flavorsome, cost effective and value effective way.

  • Integrity- This is the core of our business values and we have strived to deliver value and cost effective products, which are 100% toxin free and healthy. You can seek it for gifting and recommend it to family and friends who are looking for healthier alternatives for saving their lips from drying out and bursting out in winters.
  • Green is beauty - All our lip balm products are formulated with "green principles". We believe that green is the word, which can beautify and nourish any chapped lips. All our research practices are geared towards beautifying lips in a natural and healthy values and creating value for advertisers, who use it for gifting. Our production practices are developed to minimize the harm on environment. We try to incorporate maximum eco-friendly ingredients and power sources.
  • No to "inhumane testing"- Today, most of the people live under notion that animal testing is the thing of past, which is just a hyperbole. Many big and small cosmetic companies still rely on animal testing to perfect their products. We have never done that and don’t wish to encourage any such practice in future too. All our products are perfected after regular and humane routes of testing such as cell cultures, computer modeling, etc.
  • Fair and Transparent Trade Practices – We have strived to follow transparent and fair trade practices. Advertisers or regular customers who purchase it for gifting favors can experience transparence in trade dealings. They can see and experience each product sample before buying it in bulk. We only sell what we preach, and advertisers who are considering it for large scale corporate gifting or limited personal gifting can always experience it.
  • Gratitude – We are grateful to our customers, web viewers, and experts who assisted us over years to grow into one of the most prolific creators and distributors of natural and lip friendly lib balms and other lip care products.
    • Nature friendly lip balms are not a myth - Many of the lip balms are created out of harmful petroleum wax, artificial chemicals, and fillers. We have tried to use maximum natural products to create lip balms. Thus proven that nature friendly lip balms are definitely a winning reality.
    • Environment friendly – We have always strived to include natural ingredients and their derivatives for creating products. This lessens the harm on environment and in a way we are creating value for customers.

1-2 Days Easy & Rush Service Lip Balms
One Color Imprint Lip Balm for Chapped Lips - Special!
Crafted for Healthy Lip Feeling
95% Organic & 100% Beeswax Lip Balms
Flavor Burst and Moisturizing SPF 15 Lippies
Unscented SPF 15 Lip Rubs for Chappy Lips
Moisture Burst & Flirty SPF 30 Lip Rubs
Enjoy Moisturized Mondays with Flavor Burst Chapsticks
Lippies in Various Styles, Shapes & Flavors
A Palm Fit Choice for Healthy Lips
High Moisture Lip Balms in Round & Seamless Tins
Enjoy Shimmery and Fuller Lips in no Time
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quotes That soft and supple feeling is simply amazing and I am always yearning for more. Thanks guys for such wonderful product, and I am damn sure that my customers would have loved it too.

- Shanaya Jennings, Arlington, Texas

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Are your products produced in USA?

Yes, all our products are produced in USA.

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